Tanning Ideas for Extremely White or Fair Skin Tone

Tanning a warm or medium skin tone is comparatively easier than fair ones. Medium skin tones pick up tanning color very quickly and do not require much effort. Whereas the white or fair skin tones take much more time to develop the tan. You need to choose the right products and use them in the correct way to get the tan of your desires. Well here are a few tips and ideas about how to get the incredibly beautiful and attractive tan on white or fair skin tones.

Tanning Ideas for Fair Skin

How to get the perfect tan without going out in sun

Fair skin is very prone to redness and sunburn. It is not recommended to get sun tan for such a skin tone. The best way to get tanned is using an indoor tanning lotion. It gives you the perfect tan without the risk of getting sunburns, inflamed bumps or redness on your skin. The best suggestion for you is to use indoor tanning lotion without bronzer. This tanning lotion is ideal to give you enough tan that looks suitable on your skin. It will become a part of your skin very soon and won’t pop out extraordinarily. Use of tanning lotion without bronzer is recommended by all tanning and skin experts. The reason for this is that bronzers can change the natural tone of skin by becoming a permanent part of it.

Products that can increase color of the tan

Another important thing is developing the tan. Fair skin takes a lot of time to pick up the dark tan color. Sometimes it absorbs the tan unevenly causing unattractive patches and blotches of dark color. You need to use a tanning product that helps you develop it quickly and evenly. If you want an incredible looking tan, use of tanning lotion to get dark fast will definitely help you. As the product develops color very quickly, it will also give you an even tan. While applying it, make sure you use the same amount of product on every part of skin. Spread it correctly and let it develop for a few hours. You’ll see how beautifully attractive your skin will look once it is done.

How to protect your tan

As the white and fair skin is prone to sunburn, it is very important to keep it protected. There are certain steps that can help you out in this regard.

Firstly, choose a tanning product that comes with sunscreen and 50+ of SPF properties. In this way, not only your skin will remain protected from harmful rays of the sun but also, your tan will stay for longer on your skin. Sunscreen highly increases the lifespan of tan.

Secondly, keep your skin well moisturised. Hydration keeps the tan fresh and nourished. In this way it won’t get dry and flake out. You can also use a protective balm with moisturising properties.

While going out in harsh sunlight, it will be better if you keep yourself covered up. This will create a barrier between solar radiation and your skin, preventing a lot of damage.


White and fair skin tones require tanning the most. Getting them tanned makes it easier to do a makeover and it also looks better in general. The extremely fair skin cells are very hesitant to pick up the tan therefore it takes a lot of time and effort to get your skin bronzed with such a tone. Tan on fair skin also fades away very quickly as compared to brown or medium tones. It is very important to tan your skin in the right way using the best products. We have compiled the best ideas for you to get the tan of your desires.