Experience Quality Gel Nails with Kiara Sky

Is a professional home manicure possible? It is absolutely possible. Can nail extension or gel polishes be applied at home? Oh Yes. The only requirement is a sound manicure kit – and patience. Modern techniques in nail care have made it very easy and time-saving for men and women to maintain their nails in perfect health.

Experience Quality Gel Nails with Kiara Sky

If you are tired of neglecting your nails, you will learn about a sensational and healthy approach to nail care. In this post, we examine why nail extensions are a fierce competitor with gel nail polish and traditional acrylic nails.

We will also reveal to you the most trusted brand of nail care and skin care products. As it stands, there are numerous manufacturers of nail, skin, and hair products.  Leading manufacturers include OPI, Sally Hansen, Essie, Deborah Lippmann, Smith & Cult, and Tenoverten.

If you are looking for the best nail enhancement systems, try Kiara Sky nails. It will exceed your expectations. This is the safest solution for weak, brittle, torn or disfigured nails. The essential ingredients blended in Kiara Sky Nails repair and restore impaired or traumatized nails.

The Chemical Process of Professional Nails

Kiara Sky nails are more durable than ordinary gel nails. Understanding the basic chemistry behind this formula may help you in decision-making. Acrylic is made up of a monomer (liquid) and a polymer (powder), if combined in the right proportions they harden after a short time.

The modern nail care procedure requires a lamp to catalyze the curing process. Gel on the other hand, is an oligomer, which demands UV to cure. When doing a home manicure, shorten the time of exposure to chemicals to avoid allergic reactions. Fast removal of gel nail extensions requires buffing the gel surface with a file.

After breaking the surface, soak a cotton ball with pure acetone or gel remover. The worn out manicure comes off quite easily. The UV light used in this process is not necessarily harmful if used properly. You may shield the skin around your fingers, palms and wrist using protective fingerless gloves.

Dip powder manicure involves immersing the nails in pigmented powder instead of having them painted. Although dipping powders are gaining popularity, gel nail extensions enjoy a wider audience.

Why A Nail Gel Manicure?

Gel nails are essentially false nails that can be sculpted and extended. They are designed to bond to the real nail semi-permanently. Gel nails require a base coat color and a top coat. They are finally hardened by UV light to give a natural-looking, glossy nail surface.

The simple process of application starts with having a blank nail. Always remember to file your nails before you cut them. The most common gel nail shapes include almond, oval, square, round. You have to be keen to shape gel nails properly because they cannot be shaped during or after application. This makes for a time-saving process to achieve nail health.

One great benefit of gel nails is that they appear and feel natural compared to other nail extension types. The application process also eliminates the use of harsh chemicals, which make it a safe home practice. In terms of aesthetic beauty, gel nail extensions are graded at the top.  They also have the ability of retaining a glossy look for up to three weeks. However, beware that removing gel nails in a clumsy way is likely to cause damage on your nail bed.

As it is with other modes of nail care, gel nails require moderation. Take breaks of up to one month without wearing nail enhancements. After prolonged use of nail beauty therapy, the nails crave for room to feel natural again.

Last, but not least, a gel nail manicure carries the promise of hygiene. Many users of acrylics confess that they have the ability to retain dirt. In spite of performing many activities and chores throughout the day, your hands remain protected with Kiara Sky dip nails. All products from Kiara Sky are toxin-free. They offer safe use even for total beginners and newcomers in the nail spa industry.


To make the best out of gel nail extensions, consult a nail technician for removal. Attempting to peel them on your own may damage a layer of the natural nail plate. Repeated damage on your nails is disastrous in the long run.

Kiara Sky is committed to offer you high quality and environmentally-friendly products. Kiara Sky nails, which come with a well-stocked manicure kit, guarantees you of beauty, safety, and elegance wrapped in one package. For decades, Kiara Sky has maintained excellence, passion, and safety in their skin and nail care products.