What Makes OPI Gel and Nail Lacquer Combo Unique?

When it comes to nails, everybody wants them to be attractive and appealing. Nails are easily noticed when you interact with people. Many brands have got us covered with everything about nails, but we have to go with the best quality products. Among them is OPI. OPI is the most iconic and well-loved brand globally as it boasts of most of the broadly demanded nail colours within the nail realm.

It was founded in 1981 by an entrepreneur, Mr. George Schaeffer, who has grown to become a leading professional in nail care. The industry is located in North Hollywood, California. OPI manufactures and distributes different nail polishes, which come in various colours to meet every mood and self-expression. This article sheds more light on the aspects that make OPI products like gel nail polish and nail lacquer combo unique.

OPI Gel and Nail Lacquer Combo

This product is combined with high-quality solvent-based coatings containing pigment. Its application is easy as it involves the typical procedure of using a brush. As one of the OPI products, it dries faster, so it does not require curing in a lamp. Although you might not be a nail fanatic, the chances are high that you will recognize some of the OPI products, which are over three hundred and fifty favourite fun shades from deep and edgy and sheer to shimmer. Below are a few samples of this product:

La Pazitively Hot: It is a bright pink colour with cool blue undertones that adds an exquisite allure to your nails with its unique colours.

Lucky Lucky Lavender: This is the perfect mix of pink and purple. It is represents hope and compassion.

My Private Jet: It is such a suitable name for this rich brown shade with gray undertones and shimmer.

Lincoln Park After Dark: This is a deep purple. The name is accurate since, at night, it seems like it is black, but it has hints of purple here and there.

The product has unique features since it is easy and quick to apply. Furthermore, it can last up to three weeks or more of intense wear and shine without getting any damage if adequately taken care of. Furthermore, the product boasts fewer chips, which makes it shine more. Even when you opt to remove it, your nails will remain moisturized. Therefore, if you want a product that does not wear off quickly, it is recommended to try out the OPI gel polish colors for the chicest results.

OPI Gel Nail Polish

There is a reason why the OPI gel nail polish is a trending nail product and offered at nearly every nail salon for decades. The most enticing aspect of the award-winning OPI gel is that it experiences zero chippings for several weeks. The gel is also formulated using oligomers, photo-initiators, and colour pigments that provide an incomparable shiny finish. The ingredients also help hold the mani coats to make them strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear without chipping. However, the composition of this product varies with the brand. When applied and removed correctly, it is entirely safe to wear regularly.

The applied layers require the product to be dried off under UV or LED light, creating hardened layers that make it more durable and long-lasting. This product has over one hundred and forty exceptional and highly pigmented shades available in the market. Besides, it lasts longer without losing its shine, and by applying it, you will achieve a glossy finish. OPI gel polishes are easy to use and easy to soak in acetone for at least ten minutes to dissolve the formula correctly. Some of the OPI gel polishes include:

  1. Black Onyx: It is a gorgeous and glossy real black polish. No undertones, shimmer, or micro glitter to decipher and describe.
  2. Throw me a kiss: It is available in six neutral shades, suitable for anyone seeking a delicate nail look.
  3. Engage-Meant To Be: This type has an alluring pale lilac shade. It cures in thirty seconds under a LED light and lasts for weeks.
  4. Baby, Take A vow: It has a blushing pink shade. The brand is not super thick and has a smooth texture.

The good thing about OPI gels is that they cure streak-free in just thirty seconds. Furthermore, this product does not contain toxic carcinogens such as toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate (DBP), associated with inflammation and a hoard of other side effects like jeopardizing the functionality of thyroid glands and the liver.


If you are new to nail manicures and are looking for a better starter pack that comes with everything you need, OPI gel and lacquer combo and OPI gel nail polish, have got you covered. They never jeopardize the health of the nails and cuticles, and they also help keep your nails more robust and healthy. This article comes in handy when you want to choose pocket-friendly products that meet your standards.